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The Easiest Thing of All

The Easiest Thing of All
By Nabih Saliba

It’s easy to remember the first time I laid eyes on you
Every day, your beauty still takes my breath away

It’s easy to admire what you’re capable of
Every day, you demonstrate your capacity for greatness

It’s easy to be jealous of the time that isn’t mine
Every day, I see the care you invest in others

It’s easy to be proud of you
Every day, you push a little further into the unknown

It’s easy to think of you
Every day, you occupy my thoughts, dreams and desires

It’s easy to wait for you
Every day, I look forward to discovering new things with you

It’s easy to imagine the rest of my life with you
Every day, you remind me of what a joy living can be

It’s easy for me to thank you
Every day, you brighten my life

In every moment I remember you
In every moment I admire you
In every moment I feel jealous
In every moment I think of you
In every moment I wait for you
In every moment I imagine with you
In every thing I thank you for

The easiest thing of all

Is to love you.


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