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It's Prime Time

In the interest of full disclosure, I am an Amazon Affiliate. This means that I might make a tiny bit of money when products and services I recommend actually drive people to Amazon and make a purchase. That being said, it doesn't happen enough to afford me a cup of coffee but I'm enough of a fan that I keep spreading the good word anyway. Truth is, I recommend the company whenever I can simply because it's rapidly becoming indispensable in the quest to have more stuff.

What a remarkable world we're now living in! I can find some of the most esoteric, random things anywhere on the planet and, with the click of a button, have it arrive at my doorstep in around three days. Stop and think about that for a moment. In some cases, that delivery time can be within the hour. Amazon has done quite a bit to change the way we think about shopping. They have largely changed the way we behave as consumers and radically shifted customer expectations in ways too numerous to get into…

Spare Angel

Spare Angel by Nabih Saliba
He sat with his defeated stare I wondered what had put him there.
"Poor soul," I thought and looked at him, as he bared forth his toothless grin.
"Dear God," I prayed inside my head "If you don't help, he'll soon be dead!"
Within my soul, I heard a His voice, "I've sent my angel so rejoice!"
I looked around and tried to spot The angel that this fellow got
When in the window I could see
The angel sent by God was me

A Hair Upon His Pillow

A Hair Upon His Pillow by Nabih Saliba
A hair upon his pillow The scent of old perfume Both obvious reminders Someone else had shared his room
There's laughter in the shower And a shirt still on the floor Just another indicator Of a night that is no more
The lipstick on his collar Has been washed but still exists Like many other memories It's faded but persists
The picture in his wallet Holds a copy of her smile He'd look at it quite often Though he hasn't in a while
Her clothes hang in the closet Her toothbrush by the sink Now every time he sees them It makes him stop and think
The bottles on the counter The wheelchair by the bed Not the promise of tomorrow But what happened here instead
There's a hair upon his pillow Not a taunt to bring him strife But a blessed testimony
Someone else had shared his life

Getting Along

Getting Along By Nabih Saliba
To have patience just to listen And really slow things down So when eyes start to glisten You won’t greet them with a frown
To listen is to understand Not simply wait to speak So when we lend a helping hand It’s for the thing they seek
To share the pain is empathy Past understanding woe So when we offer sympathy They’ll know it’s not for show
To carry someone’s burden In more than word or song Is how we’ll stop the fighting
And learn to get along.