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An affair of convenience

I have a confession to make. I’ve been having an affair now for the past several years. I've known her since we were kids but grew distant in high school. It wasn't until many years later when standing in line at the DMV that I bumped into her again. Having her with me in that line reminded me how much I enjoyed her company. We saw each other quite regularly after that until I met my wife a few years later. During the first year of my marriage, I couldn't maintain the affair but would often wonder if I'd ever see her again. It wasn’t until the second year with my wife that I started to rekindle the affair and found that things would go better at home after each encounter.

When my son was born, of course, there were a few months when I didn’t make the effort to keep up the affair and lost touch with her entirely. These were dark days of stress and unhappiness. Eventually, I started sneaking her into the house and became less frantic. Looking back, it's a wonder I never got caught—while always discreet, my affair still left signs for those who knew where to look: changes in my habits, smiling even when things were falling apart around me or remaining calm in the face of normally aggravating behavior by my family.

How could I not be affected? Whenever she comes around, things just seem to go better. I’m less likely to say something stupid while in her company. I’m always at my best with her at my side. Life is much less stressful when she visits me. Why, then, is she not the one I’m with before all else? Because I could never commit to a long-term relationship—my thing with her has always been more an affair of convenience than a true love.

Now that I’ve got a brand new baby in the home, I’m afraid my fleeting romance is in even more jeopardy than ever. Between the lack of sleep and constant care for my children, I haven’t made much room for this other relationship. Lately though, I’ve been missing her calming presence. I suppose I’m writing this confession hoping that my wife will see how much I need this relationship and allow my affair to become a more permanent part of our lives. Sounds a little radical but it could happen. I know that it would be great around the kids and might even help smooth out some of the rough edges of my marriage.

I know my wife has always suspected I’ve had this secret affair but it’s only right and fair that I come clean about my desire to see and have more than passing encounters with the one called…



  1. I think that it is horrible that you are having an affair when you have young children. It is extremly selfish and wrong to hope your wife agrees to let you have sex with another women when you are still married. I hope that she realizes this and puts and end to your marrige imedietly. It is unfair to ask her that. Maybe she'll be able to forgive your affair but not you willing to contiue it. That is horrible, how would you feel if she was having an affair and then asked you if she can contiue it with your knowing. What is your problem?!

  2. I got it...luckaly. I was nearly getting really angry over someone I didn't know until that last word...that's cool.

  3. To the annymous comment:

    Did you actually READ the whole thing? He's actually talking about wishing he had more PATIENCE. As in, the ability to wait a little longer. Read it again and think about the virtue of patience each time he makes reference to the 'affair.'

    To the writer:

    I thought this was quite clever. You might want to be more careful with your cleverness because some people might not be paying close enough attention. Please don't let the impatient trolls discourage you from your creative writing.

  4. I've read this at least a dozen times now and I really like it. The first time I read this, I was very angry like the other comment. I came back to show a friend what a dick you were ((sry)) and we decided to leave you a very angry note like the other post. Luckly we saw alxx comment about the last line and read it againn. Why I like this sooo much is that you made me feel very angry and sorry for you wife until your punchline. Then I realize that you were talking about having more patence and not about sleeping with another woman. I read this a few times more before I relized that you wanted people to think that they should be just as angry about losing patence as cheating on somebody. Good writing! I want to read more.

  5. For those who left positive feedback, I thank you. As for the one anonymous comment which scolded me for the wicked man I am...I thank you too.

    If you were mislead by my writing, I apologize—I have never nor ever intend to cheat on my loving wife or my two amazing children. I am, however, very pleased that my writing was able to stir up such a strong response in a reader. It means that I was able to evoke emotions through my writing.

    I've been writing these little posts for myself mostly but I'm glad others have found it worth at least a curious glance. Hopefully my writing will be worth a return visit ;-)


  6. I agree with the first anonymous poster! You should defintely wait until your children are at least school-aged before you start having an affair. With young children, it's wrong to have affairs. When they are older, and your marriage has gotten more stale, then it will be all right.

    I disagree with the first person though about having sex with your wife's permission. As long as she also knows it's okay to step out for herself, then I think you can both be happy with your respective affairs.

    Once your children are older, of course.


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