by Nabih Saliba

If she should smile,
the Sun would shine and all the world would flourish
for I am hers and she is mine to love, to hold and cherish.

If she should dream,
the sky would ring as all the angels cheer it
then I would sing so I could bring the way that she might hear it.

If she could share,
she’d know we care about the world she lives in
then we could bare our feelings there so she could know where we’ve been.

If she should fear,
she’d stop in fright––the world would shrink and bind her
so I will come to bring a light and in the darkness find her.

If she would cry,
the stars would fall and weigh her soul with sorrow
then I shall peel away the sky and bring about tomorrow.

If she would love,
life opens up––a realm without a border
for then the world makes sense to me, the universe in order.

If I could say
how much she means to me and those around her
then maybe she might step aside and let the world astound her.